With vaccines readily available to all persons 12 years old and up, we feel that we can now allow fully-vaccinated people to be in the building without wearing a mask. We would ask that you show us your vaccination card one time, and then we can keep it on file so we know who does and does not need to continue wearing a mask. Parents and others who meet this qualification may now be in the building as necessary when we are open. Fully-vaccinated faculty may choose to not wear a mask if they desire.

We will no longer take temperatures, and will also cease enforcing social distancing in the classes, and will not clean the ballet barres between each class. We have disinfectant wipes available for anyone who desires to clean the barres before they use them, and we will still have hand sanitizer available throughout the building.

Finally, teachers will resume coming close to and touching students as they would normally do. If you would prefer a more strict application of social distancing for your child, please let us know and we can take that into consideration. Thank you.