These dress guidelines help ensure safety, help us better evaluate your child’s performance, and help eliminate competition to see who can have the newest fashion or fancier product. Also, wearing the proper clothing encourages respect for this time-honored art form.

All female ballet students must wear the skirted leotard or leotard and skirt assigned to their ballet class level. The School’s ballet uniforms, as well as proper tights, shoes, etc. are for sale through the websites below ( Please be sure of your child’s class placement before purchasing dance wear. To help with hygiene and laundry if may be wise to have more than one leotard. Only the uniform leotard may be worn by students in Pre-Ballet and Ballet Levels 1-4.

Do not wear street shoes on studio floors, or ballet shoes outside of the studio. All female students must wear a bra under all leotards where appropriate.

Boys – Black socks and black ballet slippers required for those in Performance Classes (for The Nutcracker). White shoes may be preferred in the Spring Showcase. Please consult the director about other attire.

Hair – Hair must be securely pinned up in a bun. No loose braids, pony tails, etc. are permitted. Bangs should be secured back if hanging in eyes, and hair pinned up off the back of the neck.

Tights – Pink tights with feet and pink ballet slippers (and pink pointe shoes if necessary) are required. Tights should be “ballet” or “theatrical” pink and not the shimmery kind. Underwear should not be worn under tights and leotard.

Prohibited Items – Students may not wear any other type of pants, shirts, sweat clothes, leg warmers, or other extraneous or concealing garments during ballet classes. For safety, no jewelry is allowed except stud earrings. No food, drink, or chewing gum in the studios, only closed water containers.

Ballet & Pointe Shoes – Elastics (on all ballet and pointe shoes) and ribbons (pointe shoes only) must be properly sewn. Please allow us to inspect the fit of ballet and pointe shoes before they are sewn or worn. It often takes several tries and several trips to the store before a well-fitted pair is agreed upon. Properly fitted pointe shoes are a must for the safety of your child’s feet. Please do not buy “Russian Pointe” pointe shoes, “Bloch Elastosplit” ballet slippers (or equivalent), “Bloch Infinity Stretch” ballet slippers (or equivalent), SoDanca or Wearmoi brands.

Adult Ballet – Tights, leotard, ballet slippers. Many adults wear shirts, sweaters, skirts, sweatpants, etc. on top. Solid colors preferred. Hair up where it won’t bother you. Please inquire if you have any questions.

Modern Dance – Other solid-color tights permitted. Tights/pants must come down below your knees. No “booty shorts.” Other leotards permitted that conform to the Ballet Level 5 Dress Code (see above or below).

2021-2022 Ballet Uniforms (dress info)

Uniforms for Pre-Ballet and Ballet Levels 1-4 should be purchased online through Eurotard and will be available for pick-up at The Sock Basket (our local dancewear store located at 2433 Laurens Rd.) or can be shipped to you. Dancewear appropriate for Ballet Level 5 as well as additional tights, shoes, etc. may also be purchased through this website which is specifically dedicated to our uniforms.