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The Greenville Ballet School’s experienced, professional faculty offers instruction and performance opportunities in Classical Ballet, Pointe, and Modern Dance. See what our students can do. We offer a quality experience in a quality environment. Andrew and Merry Kuharsky are Greenville’s best and most experienced ballet teachers. We have four spacious studios with sprung wood floors for safety and a curriculum where students safely learn the proper techniques at each age.  Our commitment is always to doing what is right for the student. Though it would be easy and lucrative to give in to pressure to advance students beyond what they are capable of—and many studios do this—at Greenville Ballet School we always put your safety first.

Please look around our website for answers to all your questions. Email or call us anytime. You will find links at the bottom of the page for Schedule, Calendar, Tuition, and more. Click here for current COVID-19 policies.

REGISTER NOW: When choosing dance classes, we believe that all dance students should start their training with the foundation provided by the technique classes in Classical Ballet appropriate to their age and experience. We also offer separate Performance Classes for students who would like to participate in our annual production of The Nutcracker and/or perform an extra piece of choreography specially created for them for our Spring Showcase. Modern Dance classes are also available. Our faculty will help select the best level for any experienced students and advance students according to their progress, with safety and best learning outcomes always in mind.

REGISTER NOW: Pre-Ballet – ages 4 and 5: A once-a-week class to introduce children to basic elements of movement and ballet in a creative, fun environment. Includes some basic ideas from classical ballet.

REGISTER NOW: Level 1 – A once-a-week class at a beginning level of Classical Ballet training. The Tuesday class will be reserved for students enrolled in the Performance Class and participating in The Nutcracker and the Spring Performance.

REGISTER NOW: A graded twice-a-week curriculum of more formal Classical Ballet instruction. Level 2 has two one-hour classes per week, Levels 3 and 4 have two 90-minute classes per week. Level 5 has three 90-minutes classes per week. All 4th graders as well as 3rd graders who have already been in Level 1 Ballet will be placed in Level 2. Level 3 and 4 students who are 11 years old and older may add Pointe class (with faculty approval).

  • Students generally do not advance to Level 3 until at least 5th grade. Some students advance more quickly.
  • Students generally do not advance to Level 4 until at least 7th grade. Some students advance more quickly.
  • Students generally do not advance to Level 5 until at least 9th grade. Some students advance more quickly.

REGISTER NOW: Level 5: Three 90-minute classes per week including pointe work and men’s work. Students must also take Pointe/Variations and/or Modern for a minimum of 5.75 hours per week.

Regular, weekly classes on Tuesdays at 6:00-7:30 p.m. continue through May 17, 2022. Tuition is $18 per class or $165 for 10 classes.

Starting May 31, 2022 you must sign up in advance for each class:

REGISTER NOW: Summer 2022: register for individual classes here:

Tuition is $18 per class payable online in advance. (If you have a credit balance we will apply it. If you pay $165 in advance the next 10 classes will be billed at $16.50 per class) If 4 or more people have registered and paid online by 4:00 p.m., that day’s class WILL be held. The number in parentheses in the calendar indicates the number of spaces available counting down from 15, so if that number is 12-15, class will NOT be held. If the number is 0-11 the class WILL be held. If you have paid and class is not held, your credit card will be refunded that day or as soon as possible. If you are “enrolled” at 4:00 p.m., you will be charged even if you do not show up.