Halloween 2016 at the Greenville Ballet School

Halloween at Greenville Ballet School! The advanced class made Mr. K play scrabble. With a few hints he came up with one of his own famous quotes…When ballet steps end in 5th position over and over he often says “One fifth, two fifth, red fifth, blue fifth” and asks students whether they know that Dr. […]

New Dance Library at Greenville Ballet School

We are pleased to announce our new Robert and Virginia Barnett Dance Library. Through the generosity of Mr. and Mrs. Barnett, we now have over 145 books and over 40 videos in our dance library which we can make available to anyone interested in the subject. Robert Barnett was the long-time director of The Atlanta […]

Nutcracker posters

For anyone who wants to distribute these electronically or print something out: 8 1/2 by 14 8 1/2 by 11 11 by 17  

Ballet on Jeopardy

You might not expect to see ballet on Jeopardy, but today’s episode of the television show included a category called “Tough Ballet.” Test your ballet I.Q. with the answers and questions as the contestants saw them today. The dancers of American Ballet Theater in New York presented the questions and demonstrated ballet moves to help […]

What to know about ballet school classes in Greenville

Like most parents who are new to sending their children to ballet school classes in Greenville, you probably have a lot of questions about what to expect. Safety, expertise and methodology may be your first concern, but there are other points to consider when signing up your child for dance classes in Greenville, SC (or […]

Exciting new classes, faculty, revised schedule

Welcome AC Dance and Company! We are very excited to announce our new affiliation with AC Dance and Company. We feel like this association will help our students grow even further in their Jazz, Tap, and Hip-Hop training, as well as giving Greenville Ballet School students new and exciting competition opportunities. Directors Christie Leonard and […]

The Sock Basket and our new App

It’s time to start shopping for the new school year, and that probably includes your new uniform and dancewear from The Sock Basket. We are trying to keep track of how many uniforms we might need to have in stock, so when you shop at The Sock Basket, please use this FORM: Sock Basket Voucher […]

Summer dance camps, summer ballet intensives

Many dance students take lessons during the school year and then have three months or more during the summer with no classes. Others may take summer dance camps or “intensives” during the summer, perhaps even traveling far away from home to study at a prestigious ballet school. Summer dance camps help keep you physically fit […]